PCM1024Z Protocol

PCM1024Z is the format that Futaba radios use to transport channel and failsafe information to their PCM receivers.

A few threads at Runryder where devoted at reverse engineering the PCM1024Z protocol:
Protocol PART I
Protocol PART II
Hardware / Software

Our findings have been published by W.Pasmans and can be found here.

In the process of decoding the protocol I developed multiple tools:
ReadPCM Reads signal from Soundcard to analyze offline or in real-time
DecodePCM Decodes PCM signal
GeneratePCM Generates PCM signal
Sends the generated signal to the SoundCard

If you would like to receive the code behind these tools, drop me a line at fredericgoddeeris at hotmail dot com. Do not expect high-quality code; it is typical proof-of-concept code...